The year of discovery + experimentation

As we get pushed into the new year, we are faced with what will be different in this fresh new start. Even though it's an arbitrary date, it's so needed, at least once a year, for everyone to take a step back and look at how we can make ourselves better. And for me, that means taking a look at my business this past year and what I'll be doing this new year to make my biz better.

2015 was a year of auto-pilot in my business. I knew I wanted to make some changes, but I didn't know what those would be. For the last four years, I've grown Bears Eat Berries into a blossoming stationery line which I love. Yet I missed a lot of other aspects of design that I love too. I envy those who find that narrowest niche of what they want and can just dive right into it. But what I love about design, and why I chose to study it and follow it as my career, is that design is everywhere. I didn't have to choose one singular path because whichever path I was going down, design would be there along the way. 

I started working more with clients in 2015 and providing graphic design services to their businesses and focused less on my stationery line.  While I still love stationery design, and don't want to give that up, I also realize that I can't dive whole-heartedly into it and let other parts of design go. So, what will this new year entail? Lots of playing. experimenting. taking on different projects. trying things that scare me. that challenge me.

First off, I was thinking of starting #the100dayproject originally conceived by Michael Beirut. Just getting started and stretching my creative muscles. I've always had a hard time with just doodling and sketching for the sake of it because, and I know this sounds dumb, but I felt like if it wasn't going directly to my business (like on stationery for example), then I was wasting precious time. Well I'm over that now! :)

This year is the year of discovery and experimentation on how I want to shape and expand Bears Eat Berries. Hope you'll enjoy being along for the ride with me! 

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