We just got back from Vietnam and... it was incredible. My heart and mind are still there. Don't you hate it when you come back from a place and you never want to lose that feeling but you know deep down that you will? That you'll get back into your normal routine. 

I wanted to remember the nuances of Vietnam so I sketched a few things I saw every day there: Scooters. Omg. the scooters. They're legendary. (Even though I'm crowd adverse, it felt surprisingly ok) The hats that they actually do wear. The amazing coffee. The lanterns. The spiral cut pineapple in plastic tubs. The signs everywhere for "Com" (rice). Fresh baguettes. Rice bowls everywhere on the streets. Those tiny flimsy plastic stools that this 5'10" could barely sit on, let alone my 6'6" father. 

Vietnam is intoxicating. It leaves you wanting more. And hopefully I'll be back since we just scratched the surface. More photos on my instagram @bearseatberries