Oh hey, an update

I definitely have not been posting much on my blog and here's the reason. I mainly update on Instagram. (Like a lot of peeps are doing these days). But I will try my best to periodically add to this blog and give more in depth posts here. 

If you follow me on Insta, you can see that I have been busy since I posted last on the blog. I worked with some absolutely wonderful clients on creating brands or updating their brands- many of which you can see here

Copper Lane Cafe Logo
geometric business cards
bobbi + patrick online boutique store logo

I've also had an exciting project wrapped up recently where one of my illustrations will be on nationwide packaging! Can't wait to reveal that one.

And lastly, I've been experimenting lately with some pattern designs for the little ones.

bunny pattern onesie design
cactus pattern onesie design
ducks and flowers onesie pattern design

To be honest, I have absolutely no idea what to do with them. Creating actual onesies is harder than it looks, especially for overall patterns like I have. But I love doing them so I'll just keep experimenting and researching. 

I'm in this mode of experimentation and seeing what sticks. Experimenting with style, experimenting with mediums, and experimenting with design directions. When you have so many different passions for design and illustration, it's hard to just choose one path, right?

Copper Quail Collaboration

I'm thrilled to share my newest collaboration with Copper Quail Style, a lifestyle brand located here in the Phoenix area! They reached out to me because they were looking for a local illustrator and designer since all of their products are locally printed and celebrate the desert life here in Phoenix. 

It was truly a match made in heaven. The two women behind Copper Quail are just wonderful and wanted to share the beauty of the desert. And a chance for me to draw Quails? Yep, no brainer.

I came up with three designs - Quail family, Prickly Pear Cactus and icons of Gilbert (a popular town here just outside of Phoenix where they reside). 

They even offer letterpress prints which yours truly printed up for them. :)

You can purchase shirts, totes, letterpress prints, and kid shirts on their shop. I'm already grabbing up shirts for Christmas gifts! 

Holiday hits

Yes, it's true that you don't see any new card designs lately. Mainly because I've transitioned more to client-based design. I'm looking into more avenues to put my designs and illustrations on like art licensing or finding a new medium other than paper. But more on this later. ;)

So yes, these are the "classic hits" of holiday cards and tags that I'm offering this year. They are available on my Etsy shop and are a mix of letterpress printed and regularly printed items. I still love them and hope you do too!

#100dayproject DONE!

UPDATE 11/20/2016: I have put a select few of the drawings on Society6! You can find prints, pillow covers, phone covers and more. If you want a specific drawing that isn't on there, let me know and I'll try to accommodate!

Holy cow, I've finished. My god that took forever! Definitely longer than 100 days. In fact, it took 5 months. whoops. I missed a lot of days due to travel and workload. And sometimes I just didn't feel like drawing on a Saturday. Or it was too hot outside.

When I started, I just wanted to challenge myself and practice my drawings, to try and hone in on a style and not worry about putting something out there that isn't 'perfect'. But I learned a lot more and I'll outline them below.

Lessons I've learned from #the100dayproject:

1. Working on a project where it is dependent to be outside, in a Phoenix summer, was probably not the best idea. It's SO hot here in the summer and the reason I walk every day is to give my dog, Bandit her exercise. But it was so hot, she didn't even want to walk most days. So we wouldn't go and so no drawing.

2. I started paying a lot more attention to the details in life. Whereas before, I would have just walked over a discarded matchbook or something. But as I was doing this project, I'd notice everything and would think, "that could be fun to draw". 

3. As much as I tried to hone in on one style, I still like drawing in many different styles. You'll see some of my drawings are more free form and realistic while others are more geometric and graphic. I like both. And I tried to blend them together as much as I could but it's still a challenge for me to choose one cohesive look. Additionally, I'm surprised I used so much color. Usually I'm a monochromatic gal. 

4. As the days progressed on, it did start to wear on me. It was like having the most demanding client ever. Past the halfway mark, I was getting "over it". I kinda got sick and tired of drawing in the same style of the same kinds of objects. 

5. I've noticed that what I did like drawing the most were animals and food. Yes, I did a lot of plant life, but that was because that was what I saw the most while on walks. But I enjoyed drawing animals and fruits/food more and want to continue in that direction.

6. Even though this project was to help push past the uncertainty of putting out imperfect work, I still worried about putting some drawings out because I was rushed or uninspired. And many times, that was reflected in less "likes" when I did. But that is just how the creative process works. They're not all going to be winners. When designers create something, there are usually many, many other versions that had not made it to final stages. 

So, now what? I have this huge collection of drawings and wondering what to do with them all. Do I do anything at all? 

Any ideas? I'd love to hear them! 

Moodboard for Cafe+Provisions

I'm working on a logo and branding for a client who is opening up a cafe and provisions store in the beautiful Tahoe area in CA. I'm quite familiar with the area; it's a classic stomping ground for visits with my family - we even have a trip planned next month there. So needless to say, I'm really excited about this one.

Here's the moodboard they selected (I usually give a few options for design direction). They're looking to highlight where they are (ski resort, beautiful mountains) and to highlight that they are sourcing local and sustainable ingredients. It's a place that will be unfussy and comfortable but serving the highest quality of fresh food. 

Designing for the food world is becoming my jam. From the work that I do with Steadfast Farm to the coffee bag printing and now designing branding for a restaurant ... I am loving my clients!